New Week!

Happy Monday and Belated Father's Day!

One of the main reasons why we CrossFit is....  to enjoy special occasions.  These so called "special occasions" happen more often during the summer.  It's perfectly fine to play and indulge but it must be balanced with hard work(working out).  Start every new week with a good CF session.  No matter what goes down on the weekend, come Monday... it's GO TIME!

I hope you all had a great day Father's Day!  Get back in the box today to work it off! 


Skill Session

KB Bench


KB Swing


Start Your Weekend Off Right!

Saturday Fun Day

8am - 9am Weightlifting Beginners

9am - 10:45am Weightlifting Advanced

11am - 12pm Track WOD!  Mt. Carmel High School Track!

Help me!

The Amazing CFS Community

I had a nice talk with Albrecht last night.  We were discussing how unique and amazing the CFS family/community is.  I don't know how it happened or what makes our community so special... but there is something unique about it.  We seem to attract the same type of awesome, fun and easy type of CrossFitters.  I am happy to be a part of something so great. 

With that said, I need/want the community's help.  I've been crazy busy lately and blogging just isn't happening.  I don't have the time or energy to put out quality stuff.  I could recycle old blogs, but that's boring to me.  It would keep this blog interesting and alive with CFS members submitting blog post.  

If you have something that you want to share with CFS, then send it my way.  Please include a video or photo with it.  Share your CFS experiences like PRs that you've been working towards, struggles that you've overcome during WODs, lightbulb moments, and things you like/hate.  I hear stories of how CF helped you in real life situations all the time... those make great blog post!  Don't over think it, write it, and just send it.  

Many of you have asked to submit blog articles... now is the time to do so!



Back Squat

3 x 5 (5lbs heavier than last time)

Bench Press

3 x 5 (2.5lbs heavier than last time)



Push-up Plank Twist


Post to comments.

Streak Alive

Just to Keep the Streak Alive!



Thank You!

A special thanks to:

DJ - MC/Announcer

Meilly and baby - Software Manager 

Melinda - Photographer

Chris - Photo/Video 

Thank you guys for supporting our weightlifting event!  

Strongman WOD Tonight!

I also have a new box challenge!

Jana This Blogs For You!

1 Year at CFS

by Jana

"It’s been just about a year since Dee Dee held my hand as we walked into the box for the first time. It’s had me thinking about posts others of you have had about your year milestones. Most of them included weight loss, huge PRs or other big wins. I initially started to feel crummy reflecting on it as I haven’t lost weight, still feel like a total newbie and don’t feel like I've made much improvement overall (I mean, have you seen my “running”?) BUT, since I know that line of thinking will earn me a burpee (and I’ll do just about anything to avoid that), I thought some more about it. I've realized that for me maybe the PR right now isn't about the numbers on the scale or the bar but more about the fact that I've been coming consistently for a year. It’s the coaches, the community and especially the 5'pmers that have provided the support and encouragement to make me want to keep coming back. A big thank you to all of you for that. After one of the first few WODs I said that I couldn't do XYZ. Silas (who I hadn't met yet) chimed in with, “Yet. You can’t do it yet.” The fact that he had such confidence stuck with me. I’m still waiting for the ‘yet’ and hoping it comes in year 2. Looking forward to see what else the year brings."



Power Burpee


It's Monday!


Team WOD

=) Still counts as a blog post.

CFS Community Fun!

Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site

One of the next CFS outings!  We purchased a 1 hour private group session.

CFS Events!

It's all about building the community.  Last night's CFS Food Night was awesome!  Thanks Shonre and Amber for hosting it!  Great times happen when we hangout outside of the box.  Great ideas also come out of it... "Tabata Dead Bugs!"  ~ Thanks Shonre

There has been a lot of talks about other events as well.  Heather's Ladies Paddle Board event and Melinda's Bowling event are perfect examples of great community building events.  Feel free to build interest for your likes in the FB page.  You never know, your likes and hobbies might be similar to other members.  I know Danielle is building interest for a musical theatre outing!  



Back Squat 

3 x 5


3 x 5 


Run and other stuff


Quality of Movement

Yesterday was fun.  It was definitely a killer WOD.  But.... what happened when people wanted to go fast.  "I want to go fast!" type of approach for a WOD means that form goes down the crapper.  Do a little recap of what you experienced yesterday.  Is it worth it to go 110% to get more reps or is it better to work on your technique, for each movement, during the WOD? 

Back to our focus today with more of that form and technique stuff!  

I'm glad this WOD happened because I realized that we need to do some reprogramming.  I have a nice surprise for you guys next week!  Don't fall into the trap! Don't focus on the #s and reps! 


(no deadlifts, no running)

Open Gym Events!

"Fun and Easy" Wednesdays!

Jared's Going Away WOD

Coordinate with your buddies on FB to do this WOD.  I think Jared will be here at 5pm to do this WOD.

Weightlifting WOD

3RM Snatch and Clean & Jerk

***Next Week*** Strongman/Field Strength WOD (tires, battling ropes, kegs, sledgehammers, waterballs) 

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