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Team WOD

=) Still counts as a blog post.

CFS Community Fun!

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One of the next CFS outings!  We purchased a 1 hour private group session.

CFS Events!

It's all about building the community.  Last night's CFS Food Night was awesome!  Thanks Shonre and Amber for hosting it!  Great times happen when we hangout outside of the box.  Great ideas also come out of it... "Tabata Dead Bugs!"  ~ Thanks Shonre

There has been a lot of talks about other events as well.  Heather's Ladies Paddle Board event and Melinda's Bowling event are perfect examples of great community building events.  Feel free to build interest for your likes in the FB page.  You never know, your likes and hobbies might be similar to other members.  I know Danielle is building interest for a musical theatre outing!  



Back Squat 

3 x 5


3 x 5 


Run and other stuff


Quality of Movement

Yesterday was fun.  It was definitely a killer WOD.  But.... what happened when people wanted to go fast.  "I want to go fast!" type of approach for a WOD means that form goes down the crapper.  Do a little recap of what you experienced yesterday.  Is it worth it to go 110% to get more reps or is it better to work on your technique, for each movement, during the WOD? 

Back to our focus today with more of that form and technique stuff!  

I'm glad this WOD happened because I realized that we need to do some reprogramming.  I have a nice surprise for you guys next week!  Don't fall into the trap! Don't focus on the #s and reps! 


(no deadlifts, no running)

Open Gym Events!

"Fun and Easy" Wednesdays!

Jared's Going Away WOD

Coordinate with your buddies on FB to do this WOD.  I think Jared will be here at 5pm to do this WOD.

Weightlifting WOD

3RM Snatch and Clean & Jerk

***Next Week*** Strongman/Field Strength WOD (tires, battling ropes, kegs, sledgehammers, waterballs) 

Thank You CFS


It's been a little crazy lately but I've enjoyed every second of it.  Coaching classes again reminds me of why I love CFS so much.  I get to spend time with all the members and it makes all the hard work worth it!  

So I dedicate this blog post to say thanks to all the CFS members for making this community amazing.  I've said it before and all say it again, CrossFit Sun is a special place because of it's members!  






Ring Row

Farmers Carry

Funday Monday

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Funday Monday!

Have a few laughs to kick start the week!  I hope you enjoy the videos.  I'm working on the Memorial Day Murph video!



Back Squat 3 x 5

Press 3 x 5


Wall Balls




11am today Mount Carmel High School

Click Here! For Map


TGIF! - Writers Block

In the last hour, I've typed up and erased multiple paragraphs of different topics.  I have all these great blog topics to write but it's not happening today.  Soooo.... have a great day!  Fun and Easy!


Skill Session

New Back Squat




Squat Jump


Jared's Goodbye

Farewell To CFS

by Jared

From Friday Night Lights to The 8 O'clock Ladies Who Rage Society and to all of you at CFS you have given me so many good first memories of coaching CrossFit. I wanted to let all of you know that I have made the tough decision to step away from CFS as a coach. I am stepping away to pursue my own personal goals and move forward with my CF career.

If you ever have been to one of my classes you know I love to have fun and joke around. I believe that is one of the most important things about fitness is having fun with it. It's cool if you are serious about killing WOD's (believe me I am) but at the end of the day if your not having fun why do it. CF and the CFS community really opened my eyes to what true fitness is. A group of friends who workout together and all of them may be at different levels of fitness but all go to war on the same battle field. We all know how it feels to get picked up out of the mud and pushed to finish the fight. It's not about starting, but finishing. That is our goal everyday, every workout that's what we do. If you continue to workout with all your heart and trust the programming you will reach far beyond any of your fitness or personal goals in life. I will still be around the box from time to time to see you guys and hope that you continue to get after it everyday.

Jared A. Reed


Side Step COD

Hang Power Clean

Push Jerk


Back To Daily Coaching!

I had a blast coaching the night classes yesterday.  I'll be coaching the night classes from here on out.  Time for some Fun and Easy!  I've missed you guys!

Open Gym - Wednesday

Take advantage of this day.  You can really improve on certain skills and weaknesses.  How many times have you spent an hour or more on a weakness?  How else are you going to fix these weaknesses?  Don't miss out on a great opportunity to make huge gains on your fitness! 

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