FunFit Teens

What is FunFit Teens?

FunFit is focused on keeping the "Fun" in fitness, while working hard and learning how to work together as a class. Our program promotes fitness, sports conditioning, health, and social skills. We teach healthy nutritional food facts to develop early awareness in healthy choices. The Teens Training Program will focus on building strength through fundamental movements. Each class includes strength training, high intensity, metabolic conditioning that is perfect for any athlete and non-athlete alike. 

We also offer Personal Training for sports specific or strength goals for your teen. Our Trainer is Certified through Miramar Fitness Specialist Program, ACE, and a certificate through CF L-1

What will the kids learn from FunFit?

*speed and agility
*explosive strength and power training
*High intensity endurance
*Plyometric strengthening
*Core strengthening
*Injury prevention by working imbalances


Monday and Wednesdays at 4:00pm - 4:50pm

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