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How Would Your Life Be Different If You Grew Up Flexible and Strong with Stamina To Spare?

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There is so much in life that we as adults accept as "set" because they are the result of long ingrained habits, habits that are challenging to alter. Some are physical fitness habits, and they are surprisingly set at a very early age. The facts are that children are stronger and more resilient than we often give the credit for being. A little training goes a long way to establishing fitness patterns that will serve children well into adulthood.

The CrossFit kids program not only makes children stronger, faster and full of endurance, it enhances cognitive ability, it sets expectations of them and allows them to formulate their own self-expectations, it encourages fair play and gives them drive and focus, all while having fun with peers.  

Our program focuses on fun and games.  We use traditional childhood games like dodgeball, freeze tag, power ball, and more to keep it fun.  This has proven to keep kids motivated and wanting to come to CrossFit.   The first thing that our kids think of when they hear, "working out," is FUN!  This method is designed to set our children up for an active and healthy lifestyle.  

This program also benefits kids that are in sports or preparing for a sport.  

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Below are articles, from a variety of reputable sources, about kids and exercise.  As a parent, I understand the importance of safety in a fitness program for children. These articles will help educate parents on how exercise is safe for kids.

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