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What is FunFit?

It's not like the good old days, when we grew up, where we would spend all day outside.  Whether it's technology or the fear of our kids safety, playing outside just doesn't happen anymore.  On top of that, school's are limiting and/or eliminating Physical Education due to funding.  Many schools don't allow the kids to play tag or do cartwheels due to safety reasons.  It's becoming harder and harder for kids to be kids.

For our kids, we've tried the current options for kid's fitness.  We've put our kids into sports, gymnastics, and martial arts.  These are great options but only a small percent of kids stick to it.  All of these structured programs put a lot of expectations on the kids.  Trying to win, make the team, get another belt, or just learning one specific activity takes the fun out of it.  Kids just want to have fun, that's it.  

This is why we developed FunFit.  FunFit is bringing the "FUN" back into fitness.  I want to offer a place where kids have a safe place to be kids.  The only expectations for our kids in this program is to smile and sweat.  There's no pressure on the kids, other than having fun and laughing a lot.  This has proven to keep kids motivated and wanting to stay active. Our “Smile and Sweat” philosophy is about getting every child to not only move but to have FUN while doing it. They will not only learn how to be great leaders but will also learn, healthy nutritional food facts, while encouraging the whole family to get involved. 

What's a class like?

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The classes are filled with fun and games.  There will be a variety of different games like dodge ball, power ball, freeze tag, tug-o-war, sled racing, and more.  This is all that matters to the kids, keeping it new and fun. There will also be brain games and healthy Fun Food Fact games that will bring good eating habits.  

What will the kids learn from FunFit?

Other than smiling and sweating, the kids will get the same benefits of other sport programs.  

They will learn:

  • Camaraderie 
  • Problem Solving
  • Sportsmanship 
  • Nutrition (Food Fun Facts)
  • Mechanics in Human Movement


***Summer Schedule - We run weekly camps during the summer.***
The next camp is July 24 - 28 @ 2 - 4pm for ages 10 - 16

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