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Why CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fun way to get fit.  You get the camaraderie of being on a sports team.  You get the coaching like having a personal trainer.  The workouts are different every day so you don't get bored of a routine.  The support of our community is the real reason why CrossFit works.


Why Weightlifting?

Weightlifting SKILL focuses on the technical aspect of weightlifting.  You have to learn and practice the skill and technique of the movements.  The other weightlifting class we offer is STRENGTH.  This class focuses on building a stronger foundation in our movement patterns and mechanics.  



CFS Sweat is a program that focuses on longer sweat workouts and weight loss. This is perfect for those with the primary goal of losing weight. This is also perfect for those that are afraid of CrossFit. There will be no barbell movements or high level gymnastics. It's very low tech and a lot of sweat! Nutrition will be a focus as well. This is a great class to take for those that like those longer WODs.

Girl Force

Why Girl Force?

This is the only teen girl's strength and conditioning program around.  We believe that girls should grow up strong, fit, and healthy.  This class focuses on building a community of girls that know how to workout for life or sport!

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