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We coach because we care…. care about people’s success, their goals, and their right, to live a fit, healthy, and fulfilling life. We invest in people and give them a second chance at life. We believe that people are capable of so much more than we think.  We want to change people’s mindset of I can’t, to I can. Turning anyone’s doubt of being too old, not enough time, it’s too late, or just giving up to society’s standards into motivation. We treat people like family. We bring people into our community that is filled with love, energy, audacity, and proof.  #CFSCommunityDriven
CrossFit Sun is a fitness community of like-minded individuals, supporting one another in our quest to improve every day. CrossFit is a fun way to get fit. You get the camaraderie of being on a psort team. You get the coaching like having a personal trainer. The workouts are different everyday, so you don't get bored of a routine. The support of our community is the real reason CrossFit works.
“Fun and Easy!” is our box motto and mindset. We work hard but always have a good time doing it. We have over 8 years of experience coaching CrossFit. Our methods are proven to get you the fitness results you're looking for.
For you, “fitness results” may mean cardiovascular improvements, better endurance, specific fat loss, increased strength, better mobility, or other goals. We help you achieve your own personal goals with passionate coaching and encouragement. We help you learn to breathe a lot and to sweat a lot...together.
Our focus is on workouts that are constantly varied, functional, and performed at high intensity. Each workout is scaled to each individual’s fitness level. Constantly varied workout programs ensure continual progression, blasting through plateaus’, and most important of all keeping it FUN! We focus on Functional, real life movements like squatting, pushing, pulling, running, and other full body, multi-joint movements. We should train the way we actually move. Our program is designed to prepare you for the unknown and unknowable physical demands of your everyday life and/or sport.
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